Style File: Vanessa Hudgens

Star of the High School Musical films and on-off beau of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, is a style queen in the making. Pairing laid back boho cool with a hippie/rock edge, I have to say, I want her style! Look for fringing, studs, chiffon, plaid, denim and hats for inspiration. The best place to shop would be Not only does Vanessa shop here (it’s where that awesome floppy hat she is always seen wearing is from) but it has aaamazing boho inspired pieces. Another star with boho-led style, Vanessa’s look consists of hippie style patterns and accessories. She has fun with fashion and never seems to take her look too seriously which is what makes her a style icon: plus she has the best hair in the business!


  • A big floppy hat
  • Embroidery detail on bags, shoes & jewellery
  • A pretty sun-dress
  • Waistcoat
  • Bright hues
  • Shirt dresses paired with tan belts
  • Add a little glitter to your outfit at night
AStylishLiving’s top Vanessa picks from ASOS:
From left-right, top to bottom: Floppy Hat £25, Fringe Drop Necklace £12, Bag £45.50, Top Price on request, Sheer top price on request


Style File: Leighton Meester

Another trendsetter fresh from the set of Gossip Girl, Leighton – out of all the cast on the show – is probably the furtherest away, fashion wise, from her screen alter ego. Gone are the Upper East Side pretty girly pieces and headbands a la Blair Waldorf, to be replaced with fun, quirky and directional pieces. This girl loves her Alexander Wang’s, Marc Jacobs’ and Philip Lim’s. Her look is all about sexy sophistication; figure-flattering dresses being her main go-to look. She LOVES a great dress; silk/satin dresses and gowns for dressy events whilst preferring city shorts, tank and a blazer for her day look. She isn’t afraid of colour, instead embracing bright hues and prints and pairing with a fierce pair of heels. Like her fellow Gossip Girl BFF Blake, she is the face of a fashion brand, currently starring as the face of Missioni.

-A fierce pair of heels
-Printed dress paired with black tights
-One-shoulder dress
-Bright colours
-Blazer jacket
-City shorts


AStylishLiving’s Top Leighton Picks:

From left-right, top-bottom: Dress by Lipsy, Dress £50 by Julien MacDonald at Debenhams, Clutch bag £6 by Matalan, Sandals £60 by Schuh, City Shorts £24.99


Get yourself the must-haves: a stetson and cowboy boots and pair these with ripped tees, denim and just about anything that shouts Thelma & Louise.

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BANG! And down the Golden Globes red carpet floats Olivia Wilde which was to be her moment in fashion history. The dress? A stunning princess-like glittery-gold Marchesa gown. Mouths dropped, gasps were made and so a new style icon was born.

After smaller roles in shows such as The O.C, Olivia Wilde came to mainstream success with her roles in US show House and films such as Tron: Legacy and she had success after success also on the red carpet. A newcomer in the fashion charts but one who will slowly and quietly, begin to make her mark both in Hollywood and in the style stakes.


*A glamorous sexy dress

*Add some glitter to your accessories

*For her laid back cool LA look go for denim cut-off shorts and tanks

*Tomboy for day and classic and on-trend dresses at night


From Left-right: Shoes £62 Schuh, Maxi Dress £65 ASOS, Bag £45 Monsoon

Style Edits: Hollywood Glamour


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Style Edits: Britpack Cool




Gwen Stefani was the first person to ever be a style icon to me. I remember watching her music videos in the 90s and wanting her look! And that’s just it, it’s her look, there is no single way to describe Gwen’s style other than ‘Gwen Stefani’.

There is an urban vibe to her punk style, mixing punk inspired pieces with hoodies and ¾ length cargo pants for example. In more recent years however, she has moved to a softer, feminine look. Her look is full of punk and retro but still retains an air of glamour. It is not just about the clothes, but the entire look; makeup (minimal with a red lip), hair (retro waves or slick up-do), punk accessories and shoes. She loves detailing; studs, stripes, plaid, tartan, embroidery and is not afraid to try anything – remember the hot pink hair??

Gwen Stefani has always experimented with her style, sewing her own clothes when she was younger and consistently changing the founding’s of her style; punk to urban to harajuku to more grown up punk glam. The most exciting questions is: where is her style heading to next?



*Sharp structured detailing


*Khaki pants/cargo pants

*Crop tops

*Studded belts

*Tartan skirt/jacket



*Wide-legged jumpsuits

*Harem pants

*Vintage dresses

*All paired with retro inspired waves and of course – a red lip









From Left-right: Wedges Office £70, Jeans Republic £34.99, Maxi Dress H&M £49.99


Born in Philadelphia in 1922, Grace Kelly was always one who could pull off the glamorous regal look, which was fitting as she would later go on to marry Prince Rainer of Monaco and become royalty. 

Grace was famous for wearing white gloves which earned her the nickname, ‘The Girl in White Gloves’.  It wouldn’t be the only fashion item she would become famous for as the Hermes’ Kelly bag was named after her.  Yes Grace Kelly started the It Bags trend people.  And what I hear you ask, made her so stylish in the eyes of her peers and fans?  Well the velvet and silk turban hats, white gloves (of course), perfect blonde shiny hair, satin, chiffon and tulle ballgowns and of course – that white lace wedding dress from her marriage to Prince Rainer.