Spa Review: Isis Health & Beauty at Crowne Plaza Hotel

So this week I headed to the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Isis Spa to have a 75min full body hot stone massage. Now we all know I love my massages so 75 minutes worth of heaven was awaiting me!

After the initial problems with my booking and having to change it to a 10am start (not helpful after arriving home from Ireland the night before), I was hoping the treatment would unwind and relax me after all my travelling.

My thing with spas in Scotland is that they don’t offer/have enough pre/post spa facilities. I would love to have a spa treatment and then relax in saunas, pools, jacuzzis but there is not always this option which would be the downside for this spa review (though the hotel itself does have an onsite pool, gym).

On the plus side, after being taken to my treatment room, the massage was great. The scent, heat and decor of the treatment room where spot on. I did have a small issue with the bed, being tall, I found my feet where hanging off the table slightly and there was a pillow which meant when I was face down I had to turn my head to the side instead of having it face down.

After working on the pressure points on my face, the therapist placed and rubbed the hot stones up my body and used her hands to get into those hard to reach areas giving a relaxing massage. I would have preferred more pressure to be used around the back and shoulders and to have a head massage added to a full body massage but overall the treatment was good and the therapist was very chirpy and polite. I did feel that most of my knots and tensions where released with this treatment.

L x



There are many a style book out there telling you what and when to wear what with what and without what and why and why nots which can be confusing to just about anyone not on Xanax so below are my top picks and trusted style bibles.


THE GODDESS GUIDE by Gisele Scanlon

There are a few volumes in the Goddess Series and I have two which I read time and time again. Great for not just fashion advice, interviews and hotspots buut food and city guides. Seriously buy one now.





She works at ELLE USA. Need I say more?






STYLE A to ZOE: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe

This was the first style book that I ever bought and it really made me think about my style and what I was trying to express though my fashion choices. Full of great behind the scenes pics with Zoe’s clients too.




WHO WHAT WEAR: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power

Great for those needing to arrange their closets into what they need and to help decide on style choices for various events.



Leanne says: When we arrived we were early so went to the spa first. Our concierge who was showing us to our room couldn’t open the door so to our delight we got a free room upgrade and oh my the room – and bathroom – were huge. The bathroom was filled with marble décor and had underfloor heating, a large bathtub and shower and an amazing waterfall style water system in the sink basin. Our kingsize bed was more than enough room for watching the free just-released on DVD movies that are provided for guests. Rating: 5/5

Joanne says: I can’t find any fault at all with the room we were given. The room was very spacious and the bathroom massive. I loved the decor in both. The room was styled very modern but also had a homely touch with lots of pretty scattered cushions on the bed and chair. The kingsize bed was massive and the most comfortable I have ever came across in a hotel. To top things off, there was a large flat screen TV which offered a range of newly released films to watch for free! The bathroom was decorated in dark marble and had an amazing rain fall shower. Something which I have always wanted to try and I was not disappointed. Rating: 5/5


Leanne says: The restaurant’s décor provides a very relaxed yet classy atmosphere. For starters I had a soup which consisted of vegetables, leaves and cheese blended together – was so lovely but filling. Round two saw my main meal of vegetarian pasta which baffled me and Joanna with its shape – the shape and size of lentils, accompanied by a type of stock, some mushrooms, lentils and other veggie delights. I actually really liked it even though I hate mushrooms. Our dessert was a rhurbab Panna Cotta which was summery, yummy and I could eat one right now just thinking about it. Rating: 4/5

Joanne says: The restaurant was stylish, bright and modern. The staff were great, very friendly and helpful. We had to choose from the market menu which did not have loads to choose from, but enough to satisify most tastes. To start I had a chorizo and smoked haddock mousse dish. This was very nice and just enough for a starter. For main, I had the pasta. The pasta was completely different from anything I had seen before but very tasty. The desert I chose was the rhubard panna cotta. This was a lovely desert and actually very refreshing. Rating: 4/5


Leanne says: Before we had our treatments we tried out both the hydro and vitality pools which were a highlight of our spa experience. The hydro pool is in a dark chamber which you enter and sit down in the circular poll. Upon pressing some buttons the pool begins to bubble and massages you. I loved it. Next we checked out the vitality pool which upon pressing a button turns half the pool into bubbles with massage fountains and swimming jets – truly relaxing. Post-treatments we headed into the Thermal Experience which sees you alternating between hot and cold temperatures which help detoxify your body. You are put on a journey beginning at the lower end of the sauna scales and work your way up. I have to say when Joanne opened the door to one of the more hot ones and a cloud of steam came flooding out I did have my reserves but we did manage to stay in for a while and had amazingly glowing skin. The ice fountain also helped us to cool down in between saunas with flakes of ice you can put on your body. Rating: 5/5

Joanne says: The spa was located on the ground floor of the hotel and was absolutely gorgeous. The staff where very friendly and helpful. After the spa treatment, we took advantage of the spa facilities and went through the Thermal Experience. This was fantastic and featured a number of sauna/steam rooms and also an ice fountain. The use of both left my skin even softer than before. My favourite parts of the spa however were the gorgeous jacuzzi room and pool. I could have sat in them for hours. Rating: 5/5


Leanne says: I opted for the ila Vital Energy Full Body Massage which just completely rejuventated my aching body. The massage therapist was lovely and began by massaging my feet and asking where I had tension in my body. Then she massaged me in sections by hand and also by using the application of Himalayan herb poultices which were warm and left on for a while as she moved around to other parts. Reflexology, marma massage and lymphatic drainage are also techniques used. I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone with tension in their body and just anyone who wants to harness and restore the energy in their body – the treatment promises this and it delivers. Rating: 5/5

Joanne says: I got a ila Bio Energy Body Wrap treatment. The treatment was brilliant, the best I’ve had. An exfoliating scrub was massaged into my legs, arms, back and stomach followed by a cream. I was then cocooned within a number of towels and was given a head massage during this time. I was then asked to wash all of the scrub off in the shower and once clean a body balm was massaged onto my arms, legs back and stomach. The treatment left me very relaxed and my skin smooth for days. I would definitely recommend the treatment. Rating: 5/5

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Beauty Essentials

TOM FORD Black Orchid Eau de Parfum

The attention to detail that Ford pays to every aspect of his products is second to none. Coming in a signature bottle, this sensuous perfume would suit those who love a woody, spicy, darker scent. It doesn’t last all day though which knocks a point off. One squirt of this fragrance = sex appeal!          Rating: 4/5



VICTORIA’S SECRET Sweet Craving Body Lotion

Mmmmmmmmmm…this product smells delish! The nutty smell is due to the vanilla and praline ingredients. My skin smelt amazing and even had a little glow to it. Wish it lasted all day though. A must-buy! Rating: 4/5




KORRES Japanese Rose Shower Gel

Some people hear ‘rose’ and think ‘granny’ but I happen to love the smell of rose; rose otto, rosehip oil. This product has a great creamy foam which lathers up really well and gave me sweet-smelling, soft skin post-shower. Due to special collagen ingredients it helps reduce the signs of ageing. Not for those who hate floral scents. Rating: 4/5




PER-FEKT Eye Perfection Gel- Awake

I have become slightly obsessed with this brand since discovering it last year so I really hoped I would love this gel and thank the lord I did! As soon as I applied it I felt a tingling sensation as the gel went to work. The effects? It brightened up my baggy eyes and gave a smoother, more natural appearance – didn’t get rid of all my lines though. Rating: 4/5





A few drops of this oil on my face and I am left with radiant, smooth, glowing skin. I love the smell of oils and the rose, frankincense and borage oils used in this face oil smell amazing and luxurious. This is staying in my beauty bag. Rating: 5/5

AStylishLiving Must Read Books

Matthew Williamson

By Colin McDowell (published by Rizzoli NEW YORK)

Every girl’s dream is to own a bit of Matthew Williamson and this book shows you exactly why. Every page is full of sheer beauty. With comments from Sienna Miller, Anna Wintour and Matthew himself, this book delves into how the Matthew Williamson brand came about, his collections, and features such beautiful images of his collections as well as personal images of Matthew, his studio, working, backstage: all giving us a great insight into the machine that is the Matthew Williamson brand. A must-read for all Williamson fans.

What Shall I wear Today?

By Fifi Lappin (published by Hodder)

The sleeve of the book says it all: ‘This is a style book like no other’, and it really is. Featuring quirky, fun & helpful advice, the book features designers such as Paul Smith and Erdem giving their hints & tips as well as illustrations of catwalk collections all modelled on the lovely narrator of the book, Fifi Lappin, Style Bunny extraordinaire – yes really, a bunny. A delightful read, charting a weekday wardrobe and how to dress for each occasion of the week.

Things I Wish my Mother had told me: Lessons in Grace & Elegance

By Lucia Van der Post (published by John Murray)

Packed full of useful advice & tips on how to achieve elegance & grace. Features a good amount of content & resources (especially for the older generation), whilst sections such as ‘How to wear clothes’, ‘Love , marriage & happiness, & ‘Home sweet home’, guide us through the ins & outs of life. A great read & different from your usual style books.

DIY Fashion

By Selena Francis-Bryden (published by Lawrence King)

London is the epicentre of DIY fashion so it was only fitting to include this useful book which teaches us how to customize & make our own clothes. Whilst some of the items I would never wear (denim scrap top anyone?), I am going to try to make the pop art hat & cassette tape necklace.