And the Gold goes to…

Stacey Keibler. Literally. The gold goes to her as she was dripping in it in this stunning gold Marchesa dress looking like an Oscar statue. Ahh well at least her other half George Cloonster got to go home with an Oscar after all. Loving the matching colour side-swept hair and how she lets the dress do the talking. And the flower…oh  the flower! I knew it would be a Marchesa creation that would get me excited on the Oscars carpet so once again *claps hands in excitement and approval, fashion thanks and hugs to Marchesa designers Georgina and Keren for lighting up the red carpet in what was a very lacklustre gown parading show this year. Seriously guys, we need some Mary Katrantzou and Mark Fast next year #just saying #NotBiastAtAll.



Born in Philadelphia in 1922, Grace Kelly was always one who could pull off the glamorous regal look, which was fitting as she would later go on to marry Prince Rainer of Monaco and become royalty. 

Grace was famous for wearing white gloves which earned her the nickname, ‘The Girl in White Gloves’.  It wouldn’t be the only fashion item she would become famous for as the Hermes’ Kelly bag was named after her.  Yes Grace Kelly started the It Bags trend people.  And what I hear you ask, made her so stylish in the eyes of her peers and fans?  Well the velvet and silk turban hats, white gloves (of course), perfect blonde shiny hair, satin, chiffon and tulle ballgowns and of course – that white lace wedding dress from her marriage to Prince Rainer.


By Hollywood Makeup Artist to the stars JOANNA SCHLIP

1) Make sure skin is clean and hydrated, use a great moisturizer. 
 I like La Mer.

2) To reduce puffiness under the eyes, use one part haemorrhoid cream to 10 parts eye cream, use on wrist first (only in extreme cases).

3) Pop in Mentholated eye drops… not only do they whiten the eyes, but they give a well rested fresh appearance.

4) Concealer is your best friend! Invest in the best! You can use it under your eyes and to contour your face and hide imperfections.

5) Primer on the skin helps makeup last from day to night.

6) Pick a great foundation that is right for your skin type. If you are oily get oil-free.

7) Nothing is better than blush! Blush will brighten anyone’s complexion.

8 ) A defined, well manicured brow is obvious. Take a look at old Hollywood classics.

9) Curling lashes are a must for them to appear thicker and longer!

10) Always black mascara even if you’re blond.

11) If you decide to go with a bold lip, stain underneath for long wear.

12.) To make your lips appear fuller, use a lip liner that matches your skin colour, and than apply the lip stick over it.


“I absolutely loathe luxury. It is the one thing I cannot stand” -Brigitte Bardot-

The 1950s and 1960s appear to be the decades which gave us the biggest list of Hollywood style icons; Monroe, Sedgwick, Hepburn (both of them), Kelly, Taylor as well as Marianne Faithful, Jane Birkin, Sophia Loren, who were all from this period as was our final Hollywood style icon Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte had the perfect blend of French chic (just how do they do it), class and sex appeal.  She would wear simple classic pieces and found her years as a ballet dancer inspired her wardrobe and influenced her style; black tights, leotards, thick hairbands, tight fitted clothes and ballet flats all made up her main look.  Mixing these up with knee socks, knee boots and shorts – Brigitte was a sex kitten in the making.

Her sex kitten look was copied by women on both sides of the Atlantic with her carefree bed hair – bouffant, loose waves, black eyeliner (with the infamous wing at the outer corner) and natural makeup.  Bardot wasn’t a fan of heels and would always be found wearing ballet flats or going barefoot and always wore minimal jewellery to finish her look.

 Her wardrobe was full of bikinis, Capri pants, skinny jeans, striped tops, trenchcoats and sun dresses which would show off her legs which were as long as the Effiel Tower.  The term Va-Va-Voom was practically coined for her!


How could we ever forget the image on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster of Audrey Hepburn in that LBD from Givenchy?  One of the most iconic moments in fashion and film history ever!  Her style in the film was just impeccable and still relevant today: that Givenchy LBD?  It sold for just under a million dollars back in 2006!  Her partnership with Hubert de Givenchy was truly a match made in fashion & style heaven.

Audrey Hepburn kept it simple and had a very elegant appearance.  She loved clean lines and clothes that emphasised her slim, boyish figure.  She was not one for the overly sexual seductress look unlike other starlets of her time such as Marilyn Monroe, instead keeping her look minimal and very French Chic.

Her signature look consisted of Capri pants, men’s shirts, Breton tops, turtlenecks, and accessorized with a classic handbag, silk scarf, pearls and of course – those oversized sunglasses.  Her feet were practically glued to ballet flats which she wore with everything and she loved a smart trenchcoat (think of the beige trenchcoat she wore at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s = major lust). 

She was the timeless icon of the 50s and 60s with her combination of glamour, grace and sophistication and true effortless look.  There wouldn’t be one fashionista today who wouldn’t cite her as one of their fashion heroines with her boyish frame, original look, and even her daring pixie hair cut which is currently a hair trend this A/W.

Speaking to US chat show host Barbara Walters in 1989 Audrey had this to say about her style: “My look is attainable.  Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large glasses and the little sleeveless dresses”.  So there it is right there ladies, style in a nutshell.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

You can always tell what kind of person a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you” ­-Holly Golightly-

When Audrey Hepburn ate a Danish pastry while gazing at a Tiffany’s window display; the LBD, up-do hair, pearls and oversized sunglasses look she sported became the go to outfit in every woman’s wardrobe around the world – both in the 60s, and today.

Audrey’s character Holly Golightly had that sense of old Hollywood glamour about her. Sales of triple-strand pearl necklaces soared as did sleeveless dresses and oversized sunglasses. The look was simple, polished, classic, and glamorous and made Hepburn an icon.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a cinematic fashion show for the fashion label Givenchy which launched its designer Hubert de Givenchy into the mainstream American market and started a celebrity-designer collaboration, the likes of which we have never seen again.

Holly’s look consisted of long black gowns, the iconic beige trench (a big trend A/W10), the classic Chanel bags (oh how I do want one!), which are all still around and “in fashion” today = TIMELESS.


-Strands of pearls

-A LBD (every girl should own one)

-A long black gown

-A beige trench coat

-A classic quilted style handbag


One of the first It Girls, 60s style icon Edie Sedgwick spent her way through her entire heritance in six months and no guessing where all that money went; her unfortunate drug habit and her massive wardrobe.  Bob Dylan wrote songs after her, Andy Warhol made her his muse; there was no end to this girl’s inspiring nature and the way she captivated the attention in every room she entered.  She starred in several Warhol films where her striking looks and compelling presence were infamous.

 Her wardrobe staples consisted of striped t-shirts and sweaters, short black miniskirts and dresses, boatneck shirts, hats of all kinds – she was crazy about hats – fur coats and of course the long dangly earrings and heavy black makeup she would finish the ‘Edie’ look off with.

It was her makeup and hair that also contributed massively to her style; her eyes would be rimmed with black kohl and false eyelashes, she had her “Is it fake or is it real” beauty mark on her face, and the big 60s bouffant hair to match.

What was most admirable about her style was her ability to just throw on a big coat or loose fitting men’s shirt over a leotard and tights and she was off.  Not many people today never mind back then could pull that look off.  And alas we come to the tights.  Opaque black tights were an Edie must and she paired them with everything.  The tights kept her look edgy yet with an air of sophistication; quite a hard look to achieve.

 Edie Sedgwick emulated style and individualism.  She was the epitome of the swinging 60s with her beatnik style and captivating looks and attitude.  Although she may have died at the young age of 28 from an accidental death, Edie left behind a fashion legacy that still lives on today in the likes of style queens Kate Moss and Sienna Miller (who played Edie in a biopic of her life Factory Girl).

Bonnie & Clyde

“This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks”

-Clyde Barrow-


In the first of a series of posts on Film & its influence on fashion, we turn to gun-totting Faye Dunaway on Bonnie & Clyde. The “gun moll look” took off after Bonnie & Clyde was released and saw a resurgence of 30s retro chic and making the beret a hot fashion piece one again. Bonnie & Clyde where the two best dressed crooks of all time in this 1967 classic. Faye Dunaway’s stylish 30s caps, printed scarves, pencil skirts, knitted sweaters, bias-cut dresses and infamous blonde bob cut paired well with Warren Beatty’s classic fedora’s and men’s tailored “gangster” look pieces. This is one look which will never go out of style.



-Fedoras and caps

-30s style bias-cut dresses


-Pencil skirts



“I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you, it will be with a knife” Louise Brooks-

In the first of a series of Style Icons blog posts we turn to 1920s starlet Louise Brooks. Just like the pixie cut is ruling the rooster at the moment courtesy of Rihanna and Emma Watson, so too did the distinctive black helmet like bob with full-on bangs as sported by roaring twenties starlet, Louise Brooks.  Louise was one of the original bad girls who drank, smoked and let’s just say, slept around (with Charlie Chaplin no less).  This love for living life to the max was exemplified in her fashion choices, pinstripe pants, waist length strands of pearls, the cloche hat, short skirts, ballerina-inspired dresses – think tutu skirts, sailor inspired outfits and of course, the iconic 20s flapper dress!

Most known for her role in Beggars of Life and Pandora’s Box, Brooks’ pale and dramatic features where only enhanced by the silent camera and her ballsy attitude only added to her style and even gave her some swagger.  She embodied the spirit of the jazz age and was the signature image for the flapper look.  She wasn’t one for being stereotyped however and made some bold choices with her menswear inspired looks which would consist of a pageboy hat and a suit; no mean feat in the 1920s for a woman.

Catherine Zeta Jones’ portrayal and look of Roxy in the hit musical film Chicago was right out of Brooks’ style book; helmet hair, check, flapper dresses, check, jazz hands, check, that Brooks’ attitude, check.  It is clear that Louise Brooks still inspires women today in the 21st century as she did in the 1920s.


No-one would ever think of compiling a best dressed list without adding in the Olsen’s – these ladies were, quite simply, born with style. Whilst Ashley is the more uptown, prim, laid back, minimalistic twin, Mary Kate is the Williamsburg equivalent with her rocky, grunge-inspired edgy bohemian style. So whether you are after rock bohemian or laid back chic, look to the twins for inspiration.

They can go low-key in layered tops and skinny jeans for day and at night glam it up in a vintage gown or dress. Accessories are a vital part of their outfit; scarves, jewellery, hats & bags all add to their innate sense of style. Whilst preferring neutral tones; browns, nudes, blacks, golds and creams, the twins are known for jazzing up the neutral palette of their outfits with plenty of bling and costume jewels.

Their fashion lines Elizabeth and James, and The Row only further cement their style icon status and luckily neither Olsen is afraid to push boundaries and experiment with their style. And salute them we must!


*Oversized sunglasses

*Loose layers

*Flowing skirts

*Boyfriend blazer

*Scarves: on your head, round your neck, waist or bag…

*Oversized tops

*Leather leggings

*Vintage/costume jewellery

*Boots and shoe-boots

*Mix high end with high street

*Layer tops and basic tees

AStylishLivings Top Olsen Twin Picks:





From Left-Right- Wedges: Office £65, Hat: Levi’s £40, Leather Shorts: Jane Norman