House of Harlow 1960: a Richie love-in

I’ve loved Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 collections ever since they were first released back in 2009 and still in 2012 pieces such as the Aztec Bracelet and Sunburst Ring are both selling like hot cakes and are my favourite pieces: proof that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Below is my carefully selected edit from the current line.

One of the original pieces from the first line, the Aztec bangle is a classic and timeless piece. Coming in selected colours, you can wear one on its own or stack a few of them together up your arm.

Both versions of the sunburst ring are on my birthday lust list.

The sunburst pendant necklace is the perfect finishing touch for a skinny-jeans-tank-top combo outfit. Grab a pair of grey skinnies, some boots, a long white tank top and add this totally gorge necklace to dress up and finish the look. Also try pairing it with a smaller dangling chain.

There are a lot of box clutches kicking around nowadays but this one with the studded detailing and animal crystal clasp is very on trend 2012.

These sunglasses are an exact replica of the sunnies Nicole has been seen wearing over the years in LA: hence why they are aptly named Nicole Sunglasses. Perfect touch to a boho-rock outfit.

Available from (always have amazing prices), and


Closet-Lust: Victoria, Victoria Beckham SS12 Collection

I swear my life will not be complete without at least one of the dresses from this collection in my closet. I (along with every fashion editor around town) absolutely heart the SS12 Victoria, Victoria Beckham line which is a more budget friendly line compared to her main line Victoria Beckham- well when I say budget friendly, prices still come in at around £400 but a LOT cheaper compared to the main line prices of £1000+.

I really love this whole look- Victoria has been spotted in this look recently- well what better way to PR your collections?

The detailing on this dress is fantabulous! Love the low-down pocket detailing and the cut of the neckline is just D-vine.

Again it’s all about the detailing in the dress. Very simple and almost Marni-like in its design and simpleness.

Blue and pastel pink- two shades which I don’t normal like together but it works really well in this outfit: something to do with the added black detailing perhaps.

Another dress VB has been spotted in and one which was a hit at the fashion show. Quirky and very 70s-like in its colour and shaping.

Very simple in its design and silhouette which I LOVE. Would look great with a pair of corkscrew heels or wedges come summer.

Balloons ahoy! 50s style skater and volume skirts where MASSIVE at the SS12 shows- check out the Louis Vuitton show for inspiration. Pear shapes like me should be veeery wary about wearing a design like this as the skirt will draw more attention to the bigger part of your silhouette.

The colour… To die for.

Loving the heart detailing shape at the bust and the knee length. This one would be great for the office closet.

This is my Cannes outfit. Period. Has yacht party written all over it. Grab a Chanel bag and Louboutins and your swinging.

Love the red version of the cat dress too. This will be perfect for picnic and BBQ dates with my MR D when I meet him.

Marni at H&M Collaboration

The latest H&M designer collaboration sees Italian giant Marni join the likes of Versace, Jimmy Choo and errr Madonna in designing a range for the high street store.

The long-awaited collaboration between Marni and high street emporium H&M saw Hollywood turn out in force to the launch party in LA last week.

Drew Barrymore wearing Marni at H&M

Jessica Chastain wearing Marni at H&M

Milla Jovovich wearing Marni at H&M

With silk and print detailing and their iconic accessory designs, the collection is a great way for us mere mortals to get Italian style and design on a high street budget. Below are some of my favourite pieces from the collection. See you in the queues.

Silk cardigan £59.99, Sandals £19.99, Scarf £19.99

Silk dress £69.99, Bracelet £24.99, Sunglasses £19.99

Silk dress £69.99, Coat £79.99, Belt £9.99

The collection will launch in 260 stores worldwide and online from March 8. Check out for further information.


Q: Why should woman have fun with fashion?

A: Women who are having fun with fashion are most happy person.

Q: What is the most fun item in your wardrobe?

A: It is hard to choose from, but I have some amazing collections of hats and toys from travelling I love.

Q: Where do you source the inspiration for your collections?

A: Everywhere really, travelling, people, films…

Q: What is style?

A: Style is being yourself.

 Q: Who is the most stylish person you have met?

A: Susie Lau, Beverley Jackson…

Irwin & Jordan on…RED CARPET GLAMOUR

Q: What is your definition of elegance?

A: Timeless Red Carpet; glowing skin, glossy hair, red lipstick and some vintage diamonds earrings.

Q: What is the best thing to wear to a black tie?
A: White tux trouser suit, like our S/S11 one. Cool alternative to the black dress.

Q: A wedding?
A: I love a hat. Victoria Grant has some amazing creations, she made my hat for my wedding.

Q: What items should every girl have in her closet?
A: Superga pumps, J Brand jeans, James Perse tees and an Irwin and Jordan tailored jacket and flatcap.

Q: What is your definition of style?
A: Style is Graceful and elegant with a timeless appeal.

Tata Naka…on ELEGANCE

Q: What is your definition of elegance?

A: Elegance is an attitude. It is a way of being; how you carry yourself and reflects in everything you do, not just your clothing or which brand you are wearing. An “elegant item” can look trendy or edgy or tacky depending on the manner of the person wearing it.

Q: What items should every woman have in her closet?

A: One pair of crazy, beautiful shoes, a little black dress, a great bag and statement real jewellery.

Q: What is the key to choosing a Little Black Dress?

A: Good cut and impeccable fit and a luxurious fabric – the rest depends on your personality.

Q: Who is the most elegant woman you know?

A: This is not an age of elegance as we would think of it so our idea of elegance goes back to Jackie Kennedy and Wallis Simpson and more recently Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

Q: What accessories should every woman aspire to own?

 A: A really beautiful, classic bag – whether it is a Chanel or a Hermes. And with age, some diamonds would be good!

Julien MacDonald on…MAKING AN ENTRANCE

Q: What are your tips on making an entrance at a party?

A: Turn up with a supermodel such as Natasha Poly or Lara Stone.

Q: What are your show-stopping outfits of choice?

 A: Anything that sparkles.

Q: How would you describe the ‘Julien MacDonald’ girl?

 A: Fun, intelligent, glamorous and a world traveller

Q: Who is the most stylish person you know?

A: Elle Macpherson, Bianca Jagger, Olivia Palermo, Naomie Harris…

Q: Style is…

 A: Personal, controversial, challenging, fun…

PROPHETIK on Sustainable Fashion

Q: Why is sustainable fashion important to you?

A: Sustainable fashion is vital for the future generations in the concept that consumerism will never be curved. Our current societal status has created an addiction cycle to product, marketing, and purchasing that is very strong at driving the desire of “things” that one does not truly need. Therefore the task is even more important, to create a paradigm shift in fashion, in manufacturing of goods in an ethical and sustainable manner to avoid the negative impact on the earth and in nature.  Otherwise our rivers will catch fire again as the Ohio River did back in the 80’s with all the oil residue from the industrial plants. We should strive to gain local community production, however no one wants waste in their backyard, so then what happens to all the waste? It ends up in someone else’s backyard that charges a small fee, then it creates a domino effect until one day there is no green left….but what if the waste smells like roses and biodegrades in a day? Then everyone can put waste in their own yard and even create more growth by fertilizing their own soil and actually spending less in the long run and end up drinking Mint Juleps on their front porch.

Q: What pieces should every woman have in her wardrobe?

A: A beautiful ball gown that births the spirit of the princess that has been buried deep within after years of society attempting to make the woman more masculine instead of celebrating the beautiful femininity that defines the boldness and uniqueness of a lady, thus creating the perfect scene to allow men to be gentlemen again, enabling them to treat a woman with the utmost respect and dignity celebrating her rare beauty and gift.

Q: How can woman achieve a glamorous look on a budget with sustainable fashion?

A: Patience is a virtue…discover a piece of sustainable fashion that connects and save up for it, rather than ask fashion designers to take short cuts in production and quality to make a beautiful piece of art cheaper or affordable.  Nix the Starbucks and you got yourself a new sustainable dress each month on the savings and there will be much less impact on the environment and on your body.

Q: Who is the most stylish woman you know?

A: The pregnant woman. Her energy exudes life and love and therefore she willingly pursues her own fashion and identity versus the trends of the day driven by marketing.

Q: Style is:

A: The essence of self. It defines what the soul is desiring to say. Speak loudly and boldly and never look back, blazing the path of living in the moment and the adventurous soul of the unknown.


David Longshaw on PATTERN & PRINTS

Q: What inspires you when designing pattern & prints?

A: Each season I create a short illustrated story. I then transform the illustrations into prints – sometimes I might take an aspect of the illustration and repeat it in to a pattern. Other times I use the whole illustration and scale it up from the A4 drawing to 1metre or larger and have it digitally printed on to fabric.

Some prints I keep in their entirety as much as possible so the image is clear- others I cut in to.  

Q: What should women keep in mind when buying pattern & prints?

A: You have to be comfortable wearing the print – the whole point of print and wearing it should be to have fun – to wear something more interesting than just a plain piece. 

You can be bold with them 

 Q: Can you mix them?

A: It depends – you have to consider if they’ll work together. Maude goes for clashing prints to draw attention to herself but somehow it works.

 Q: Who are some of the most stylish women you know? 

A: My girlfriend – but then she’s a fashion designer as well so I can’t take credit for that & Maude the fictional fabric mouse (Editor-in-Chief MAUDEZINE) I created at St Martins – she has an amazing eye and no fear when it comes to dressing – she’s like Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, Alan Bennett, Anna Piagi and a bag lady all rolled in to one.  

Q: Expert tips on how to dress for a party?

A: Wear my dresses, trousers, vests… Basically anything I’ve designed… Alternatively – just have fun, dress up: a lot of people wear similar clothing for day& evening – but it’s more fun to dress for the occasion. 

Edith Silk TopEvelyn TrousersEscaping Emily DressHolly WaistcoatCelia ShirtSkinny Mabel Trousers

From left-right, top-bottom: Silk Top £135, Trousers £320, Dress £450, Waistcoat £65, Shirt £295, Trouser £245

All available to buy online at

LowLov By Erin Wasson

Muse to designers Alexander Wang and Justin Timberlake, supermodel and international grunge pin-up Erin Wasson has launched her first jewellery label titled LowLov featuring skulls, bones and celtic detailing, making it a must have for us rock-chick fashionistas!

Her first collection debuted on the Alexander Wang autumn/winter 2008 catwalk to the applause of front row fashion critics. At affordable prices and featuring her signature downtown aesthetic, this is a must-have collection for none-girly-girls.

 Available to buy at Though if you want to buy from a larger collection check out which does free delivery to the UK!


From Left-right, Top-bottom: Evil Eye Ring $58, Evil Eye Dangle Earrings $68, Evil Eye Hand Bracelet
$125, Evil Eye Locket Necklace $125.00,  Long Ring $95.00, Steer Skull Pendant Necklace $95.00,
Evil Eye Stud Earrings $25.00,  Evil Eye Cutout Dome Ring $70.00