There are many a style book out there telling you what and when to wear what with what and without what and why and why nots which can be confusing to just about anyone not on Xanax so below are my top picks and trusted style bibles.


THE GODDESS GUIDE by Gisele Scanlon

There are a few volumes in the Goddess Series and I have two which I read time and time again. Great for not just fashion advice, interviews and hotspots buut food and city guides. Seriously buy one now.





She works at ELLE USA. Need I say more?






STYLE A to ZOE: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe

This was the first style book that I ever bought and it really made me think about my style and what I was trying to express though my fashion choices. Full of great behind the scenes pics with Zoe’s clients too.




WHO WHAT WEAR: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power

Great for those needing to arrange their closets into what they need and to help decide on style choices for various events.

2 thoughts on “Book-spiration

  1. I have the Rachel Zoe one and I love it. She has such epic style and great advice! I also have a Nina Garcia one called “Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What to wear for every occasion” – it’s also awesome and has some really interesting ideas in it!

    Mel. x

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