Beauty Essentials


I don’t think I have seen a daily moisturiser that offersto fix more than this cream; dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, dull complexion and so on and it really does live up to its must-buy status. Although I don’t think it helped with my wrinkles, it did provide great help with my dryness, dull complexion and used daily I really did notice a change to the condition of my skin. Rating: 5/5



Via Veneto Larger
Than Life Long Wear
Eyeliner (in Black):

Really is long-lasting. After a few hours my liner was still intact and in no need of a touch-up. The eyeliner also blends on really easily and it is easy to smudge in for that grunge look.
Rating: 5/5




Hydraskin Intensive
Skin-Hydrating Serum:

As soon as I applied this serum my skin immediately looked hydrated, youthful and glowing. The serum’s ingredients help reinvigorate water reserves within the surface skin cells so is perfect for tired, dull winter skin.
Rating: 5/5


They’re Real! Mascara
(in Black):

I LOVE this mascara – you can literally feel the bristles brushing your eyelashes. I used two coats and had glam, fuller and volumised lashes. Cheryl Cole eat your heart out.
Rating: 5/5



Dry Shampoo:

What I loved about this product was that it really gave me great volume and was great on day old hair and
providing grip and texture for hairstyles. I did feel that I had to really rub it in and brush it in as it left tell-tale white specks but loved the smell so gets my stamp
of approval.
Rating: 4/5

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