Beauty Essentials



CLINIQUE: Chubby Stick (in Super Strawberry)

This is my new make-up bag must-have. The chubby pencil lip balm applies easily and stays put well. Great colour and provides your lips with moisturisation. A great alternative to lipsticks. I want them all!   Rating: 5/5



NARS: Eyeshadow Duo (in Dogon)

Comes in the iconic NARS compact packaging with mirror. Love the shades – the silver/grey on its own is amazing. Coupled with the charcoal shade and you have a smoky eye to rival Kate Moss.  Rating: 5/5

ESTEE LAUDER: BG Island Oasis ES Palette

Finally an eyeshadow palette which I love! I’m always wary of eyeshadow: paired with my fair skin it can sometimes make me look like an evil clown, but these six shades actually worked really well. In shades of copper, bronze, gold, coral, silver and turquoise, I was left with ultra glam eyes. A must-buy!  Rating 5/5


SIENNA X: Extra Sparkle Silver Shimmer

For body or hair, I preferred using this on my hair and OMG did I feel like a Hollywood superstar. Wow! Although the fumes had me in a coughing fit: not so good. Rating: 5/5



THE BODY SHOP: Coconut Oil Hair Shine

I used this on day old hair to get extra shine and then scrunched it up to get the bed head look. The added coconut smell is a great bonus. Rating: 5/5

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