From Tiffany’s with Love

I love Tiffany’s…I love the moment you walk into the 5th Avenue store and just for a moment, just one moment, you feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I love entering the lift and the Lift Attendent asking you which floor, I love the moment the lift door opens and my eyes gleam from the shine of all the sparkly diamonds. I love picking something and watching as they wrap it in those turquoise-blue boxes with white ribbon and the little Tiffany bag.’s.

So below, you will find my favourite Tiffany looks – all for under £200! Oh, and it just so happens to be my birthday this month…

From left-right, top-bottom: Tiffany Locks heart lock pendant £120, Handbag charm and chain £200, Return to Tiffany™bead bracelet £100, Return to Tiffany™bead bracelet £100, Tiffany & Co.® Shopping Bag Charm and chain £200, Return to Tiffany™heart tag key pendant £120, Return to Tiffany™Double heart pendant £160, Heart and Key lock Charm and chain £160, Return to Tiffany™ Double heart tag pendant £160, Return to Tiffany™Heart lock charm £120

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