“Yeah, well, fortunately for everyone, I’m here and I’m thinking” -Susan-

Madonna’s super 80s look in Desperately Seeking Susan was in high demand in the 1980s with headbands, leggings, studded boots, jackets, red lips, big hair-dos and lace crop tops becoming a must have for fashion lovers. The film captured the downtown New York City bohemian punk, New Wave and dance culture looks and her look in the film became iconic and even had a rebirth in the late 2000s.

The accessories were a major feature – rubber bracelets, layers of cross necklaces, colourful headbands, Raybans…


-Bold neon colours

-Lots of mesh

-Oversized tops and blazers



-Overload on the accessories

Get the Look:

Jil Sander Image 2 of ASOS Faux Leather Leggings

80s Black Sheer Pleated Blouse

From left-right, top-bottom: Top Net-a-Porter £665, Lace Fingerless Gloves River Island £3, Faux Leather Leggings ASOS £24, Oversized 80’s Blazer Rokit £35, Blouse Rokit £30, Pearl Necklace Debenhams £6

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