Gwen Stefani was the first person to ever be a style icon to me. I remember watching her music videos in the 90s and wanting her look! And that’s just it, it’s her look, there is no single way to describe Gwen’s style other than ‘Gwen Stefani’.

There is an urban vibe to her punk style, mixing punk inspired pieces with hoodies and ¾ length cargo pants for example. In more recent years however, she has moved to a softer, feminine look. Her look is full of punk and retro but still retains an air of glamour. It is not just about the clothes, but the entire look; makeup (minimal with a red lip), hair (retro waves or slick up-do), punk accessories and shoes. She loves detailing; studs, stripes, plaid, tartan, embroidery and is not afraid to try anything – remember the hot pink hair??

Gwen Stefani has always experimented with her style, sewing her own clothes when she was younger and consistently changing the founding’s of her style; punk to urban to harajuku to more grown up punk glam. The most exciting questions is: where is her style heading to next?



*Sharp structured detailing


*Khaki pants/cargo pants

*Crop tops

*Studded belts

*Tartan skirt/jacket



*Wide-legged jumpsuits

*Harem pants

*Vintage dresses

*All paired with retro inspired waves and of course – a red lip









From Left-right: Wedges Office £70, Jeans Republic £34.99, Maxi Dress H&M £49.99

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