Annie Hall

“You’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for 15 years. You should have some of this. You’d be off the couch in no time” Annie Hall-

 Annie Hall was a major influence on the fashion world during the late 70s. You think Annie Hall and you think Diane Keaton and her masculine take on the female form. Layering of oversized, mannish blazers over vests, billowy trousers, long skirts and boots, customary tie – all made up the style of Annie (a look created by Diane Keaton herself and her own clothes).

Annie helped make the tie a key fashion trend in the 1970s and was enlightened by the feminist movement during the period which saw her mannish look the epitome of the rise in feminism.

Annie had a way of ‘wearing’ the clothes by popping a collar up, adding a bowler hat or fringed scarf, and pairing mannish trousers with a classic white shirt, waistcoat and brogues. Style icons today such as Kate Moss & Sienna Miller (who both revived the waistcoat, bowler hat and fringed scarf look) and brogues lover Alexa Chung (think Alexa Chung’s Met Ball, NYC look with the tailored man-suit and braces combo) all still look to the film for fashion inspiration. Want to learn about style? Then watch this film.


-Men’s style jackets and shirts -Socks with high heels (yes, blame Annie Hall for the revival of this look) -Brogues -Hats -Chinos -Tailored waistcoats

Get the Look:

Ladies Capricorn Brogue Ballet - PeacocksBlack And White Check WaistcoatImage 4 of ASOS Extended Tab Belt ChinoImage 2 of ASOS Bowler HatImage 2 of ASOS Pelerine Lace Frill Ankle SocksASOS Panel Tie Jersey Shirt

From Left-right, top-bottom: Brogues Peacocks £16, Waistcoat Next £28, Chinos ASOS £35, Bowler Hat ASOS £20, Socks ASOS £3.50, Shirt & Tie ASOS £25

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