PROPHETIK on Sustainable Fashion

Q: Why is sustainable fashion important to you?

A: Sustainable fashion is vital for the future generations in the concept that consumerism will never be curved. Our current societal status has created an addiction cycle to product, marketing, and purchasing that is very strong at driving the desire of “things” that one does not truly need. Therefore the task is even more important, to create a paradigm shift in fashion, in manufacturing of goods in an ethical and sustainable manner to avoid the negative impact on the earth and in nature.  Otherwise our rivers will catch fire again as the Ohio River did back in the 80’s with all the oil residue from the industrial plants. We should strive to gain local community production, however no one wants waste in their backyard, so then what happens to all the waste? It ends up in someone else’s backyard that charges a small fee, then it creates a domino effect until one day there is no green left….but what if the waste smells like roses and biodegrades in a day? Then everyone can put waste in their own yard and even create more growth by fertilizing their own soil and actually spending less in the long run and end up drinking Mint Juleps on their front porch.

Q: What pieces should every woman have in her wardrobe?

A: A beautiful ball gown that births the spirit of the princess that has been buried deep within after years of society attempting to make the woman more masculine instead of celebrating the beautiful femininity that defines the boldness and uniqueness of a lady, thus creating the perfect scene to allow men to be gentlemen again, enabling them to treat a woman with the utmost respect and dignity celebrating her rare beauty and gift.

Q: How can woman achieve a glamorous look on a budget with sustainable fashion?

A: Patience is a virtue…discover a piece of sustainable fashion that connects and save up for it, rather than ask fashion designers to take short cuts in production and quality to make a beautiful piece of art cheaper or affordable.  Nix the Starbucks and you got yourself a new sustainable dress each month on the savings and there will be much less impact on the environment and on your body.

Q: Who is the most stylish woman you know?

A: The pregnant woman. Her energy exudes life and love and therefore she willingly pursues her own fashion and identity versus the trends of the day driven by marketing.

Q: Style is:

A: The essence of self. It defines what the soul is desiring to say. Speak loudly and boldly and never look back, blazing the path of living in the moment and the adventurous soul of the unknown.


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