By Hollywood Makeup Artist to the stars JOANNA SCHLIP

1) Make sure skin is clean and hydrated, use a great moisturizer. 
 I like La Mer.

2) To reduce puffiness under the eyes, use one part haemorrhoid cream to 10 parts eye cream, use on wrist first (only in extreme cases).

3) Pop in Mentholated eye drops… not only do they whiten the eyes, but they give a well rested fresh appearance.

4) Concealer is your best friend! Invest in the best! You can use it under your eyes and to contour your face and hide imperfections.

5) Primer on the skin helps makeup last from day to night.

6) Pick a great foundation that is right for your skin type. If you are oily get oil-free.

7) Nothing is better than blush! Blush will brighten anyone’s complexion.

8 ) A defined, well manicured brow is obvious. Take a look at old Hollywood classics.

9) Curling lashes are a must for them to appear thicker and longer!

10) Always black mascara even if you’re blond.

11) If you decide to go with a bold lip, stain underneath for long wear.

12.) To make your lips appear fuller, use a lip liner that matches your skin colour, and than apply the lip stick over it.

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