Beauty Essentials

TOM FORD Black Orchid Eau de Parfum

The attention to detail that Ford pays to every aspect of his products is second to none. Coming in a signature bottle, this sensuous perfume would suit those who love a woody, spicy, darker scent. It doesn’t last all day though which knocks a point off. One squirt of this fragrance = sex appeal!          Rating: 4/5



VICTORIA’S SECRET Sweet Craving Body Lotion

Mmmmmmmmmm…this product smells delish! The nutty smell is due to the vanilla and praline ingredients. My skin smelt amazing and even had a little glow to it. Wish it lasted all day though. A must-buy! Rating: 4/5




KORRES Japanese Rose Shower Gel

Some people hear ‘rose’ and think ‘granny’ but I happen to love the smell of rose; rose otto, rosehip oil. This product has a great creamy foam which lathers up really well and gave me sweet-smelling, soft skin post-shower. Due to special collagen ingredients it helps reduce the signs of ageing. Not for those who hate floral scents. Rating: 4/5




PER-FEKT Eye Perfection Gel- Awake

I have become slightly obsessed with this brand since discovering it last year so I really hoped I would love this gel and thank the lord I did! As soon as I applied it I felt a tingling sensation as the gel went to work. The effects? It brightened up my baggy eyes and gave a smoother, more natural appearance – didn’t get rid of all my lines though. Rating: 4/5





A few drops of this oil on my face and I am left with radiant, smooth, glowing skin. I love the smell of oils and the rose, frankincense and borage oils used in this face oil smell amazing and luxurious. This is staying in my beauty bag. Rating: 5/5

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