The Great Gatsby

“That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool”  Daisy

The Great Gatsby is one of those films filled with decadence and hedonism and zapping you right into the roaring 1920s and the age of the flappers. It is the mix of Daisy and Jay’s wardrobes which make the film as influential as it was, and still is, in fashion. Whilst Daisy favoured the relaxed, romantic look during the day, she certainly jazzed it up at night with her glitz and glamorous attire.

Robert Redford’s, Jay, championed the American Ivy League look of silk shirts, dark khakis & tweed, chinos, deck shoes and leather belts all styled by Ralph Lauren himself (who was catapulted to fame post-film). The film won the Oscar for ‘Best Costume’ which just shows how influential the clothing was in the film. A revival of nostalgia for classic American fashion was spawned by the film and continues today.


-Pastel shades

-Flapper dresses

-Glitzy dresses

-American preppy look

Get the Look:

:Image 4 of ASOS Flapper Embellished MiniskirtImage 2 of River Island Cloche Hat With Bow

From Left-right: Blazer Ralph Lauren £140, Polo Top Ralph Lauren £47.50, Flapper Dress ASOS £45, Cutout Flapper Dress ASOS £75, Flapper Mini Skirt ASOS £25, CLoche Hat River Island £20

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