One of the first It Girls, 60s style icon Edie Sedgwick spent her way through her entire heritance in six months and no guessing where all that money went; her unfortunate drug habit and her massive wardrobe.  Bob Dylan wrote songs after her, Andy Warhol made her his muse; there was no end to this girl’s inspiring nature and the way she captivated the attention in every room she entered.  She starred in several Warhol films where her striking looks and compelling presence were infamous.

 Her wardrobe staples consisted of striped t-shirts and sweaters, short black miniskirts and dresses, boatneck shirts, hats of all kinds – she was crazy about hats – fur coats and of course the long dangly earrings and heavy black makeup she would finish the ‘Edie’ look off with.

It was her makeup and hair that also contributed massively to her style; her eyes would be rimmed with black kohl and false eyelashes, she had her “Is it fake or is it real” beauty mark on her face, and the big 60s bouffant hair to match.

What was most admirable about her style was her ability to just throw on a big coat or loose fitting men’s shirt over a leotard and tights and she was off.  Not many people today never mind back then could pull that look off.  And alas we come to the tights.  Opaque black tights were an Edie must and she paired them with everything.  The tights kept her look edgy yet with an air of sophistication; quite a hard look to achieve.

 Edie Sedgwick emulated style and individualism.  She was the epitome of the swinging 60s with her beatnik style and captivating looks and attitude.  Although she may have died at the young age of 28 from an accidental death, Edie left behind a fashion legacy that still lives on today in the likes of style queens Kate Moss and Sienna Miller (who played Edie in a biopic of her life Factory Girl).

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