David Longshaw on PATTERN & PRINTS

Q: What inspires you when designing pattern & prints?

A: Each season I create a short illustrated story. I then transform the illustrations into prints – sometimes I might take an aspect of the illustration and repeat it in to a pattern. Other times I use the whole illustration and scale it up from the A4 drawing to 1metre or larger and have it digitally printed on to fabric.

Some prints I keep in their entirety as much as possible so the image is clear- others I cut in to.  

Q: What should women keep in mind when buying pattern & prints?

A: You have to be comfortable wearing the print – the whole point of print and wearing it should be to have fun – to wear something more interesting than just a plain piece. 

You can be bold with them 

 Q: Can you mix them?

A: It depends – you have to consider if they’ll work together. Maude goes for clashing prints to draw attention to herself but somehow it works.

 Q: Who are some of the most stylish women you know? 

A: My girlfriend – but then she’s a fashion designer as well so I can’t take credit for that & Maude the fictional fabric mouse (Editor-in-Chief MAUDEZINE) I created at St Martins – she has an amazing eye and no fear when it comes to dressing – she’s like Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, Alan Bennett, Anna Piagi and a bag lady all rolled in to one.  

Q: Expert tips on how to dress for a party?

A: Wear my dresses, trousers, vests… Basically anything I’ve designed… Alternatively – just have fun, dress up: a lot of people wear similar clothing for day& evening – but it’s more fun to dress for the occasion. 

Edith Silk TopEvelyn TrousersEscaping Emily DressHolly WaistcoatCelia ShirtSkinny Mabel Trousers

From left-right, top-bottom: Silk Top £135, Trousers £320, Dress £450, Waistcoat £65, Shirt £295, Trouser £245

All available to buy online at www.youngbritishdesigners.com

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