“I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you, it will be with a knife” Louise Brooks-

In the first of a series of Style Icons blog posts we turn to 1920s starlet Louise Brooks. Just like the pixie cut is ruling the rooster at the moment courtesy of Rihanna and Emma Watson, so too did the distinctive black helmet like bob with full-on bangs as sported by roaring twenties starlet, Louise Brooks.  Louise was one of the original bad girls who drank, smoked and let’s just say, slept around (with Charlie Chaplin no less).  This love for living life to the max was exemplified in her fashion choices, pinstripe pants, waist length strands of pearls, the cloche hat, short skirts, ballerina-inspired dresses – think tutu skirts, sailor inspired outfits and of course, the iconic 20s flapper dress!

Most known for her role in Beggars of Life and Pandora’s Box, Brooks’ pale and dramatic features where only enhanced by the silent camera and her ballsy attitude only added to her style and even gave her some swagger.  She embodied the spirit of the jazz age and was the signature image for the flapper look.  She wasn’t one for being stereotyped however and made some bold choices with her menswear inspired looks which would consist of a pageboy hat and a suit; no mean feat in the 1920s for a woman.

Catherine Zeta Jones’ portrayal and look of Roxy in the hit musical film Chicago was right out of Brooks’ style book; helmet hair, check, flapper dresses, check, jazz hands, check, that Brooks’ attitude, check.  It is clear that Louise Brooks still inspires women today in the 21st century as she did in the 1920s.

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