No-one would ever think of compiling a best dressed list without adding in the Olsen’s – these ladies were, quite simply, born with style. Whilst Ashley is the more uptown, prim, laid back, minimalistic twin, Mary Kate is the Williamsburg equivalent with her rocky, grunge-inspired edgy bohemian style. So whether you are after rock bohemian or laid back chic, look to the twins for inspiration.

They can go low-key in layered tops and skinny jeans for day and at night glam it up in a vintage gown or dress. Accessories are a vital part of their outfit; scarves, jewellery, hats & bags all add to their innate sense of style. Whilst preferring neutral tones; browns, nudes, blacks, golds and creams, the twins are known for jazzing up the neutral palette of their outfits with plenty of bling and costume jewels.

Their fashion lines Elizabeth and James, and The Row only further cement their style icon status and luckily neither Olsen is afraid to push boundaries and experiment with their style. And salute them we must!


*Oversized sunglasses

*Loose layers

*Flowing skirts

*Boyfriend blazer

*Scarves: on your head, round your neck, waist or bag…

*Oversized tops

*Leather leggings

*Vintage/costume jewellery

*Boots and shoe-boots

*Mix high end with high street

*Layer tops and basic tees

AStylishLivings Top Olsen Twin Picks:





From Left-Right- Wedges: Office £65, Hat: Levi’s £40, Leather Shorts: Jane Norman

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