How To Make Your Own Look Book

 A Look Book (or Style Book) is something every true fashionista should have. It is a collection of what is inspiring you; clothes, colours, fabrics, designers, models, runways shows, celebrities, people, films, music…anything which you like the look of get it in there! I first started my Look Book last February at Fashion Week. Since then I’ve ripped anything out of magazines and stuck it in my lookbook. Like a scrapbook, the Look Book will show you what you’re loving and what your style really is. So go on, make one!

I also pop any fashion shoots in magazines which I love into one of my handmade envelopes which I got with my paper.

This is one of the stationary sets I bought when I was in Camden Market. I bought them
in a few colours so when I finish this set I will move on to the next colour. Inside there is handmade paper for my cutouts, and envelopes for my Season Trends, Photoshoots and a Randoms Envelope. All which make up my Look Book.

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