Everyone loves a bit of vintage. There really is nothing better than mixing your designer or high street outfit with a bit of vintage charm. What annoys me most about vintage shopping is having to locate great vintage shops – whilst in London, NY and LA vintage shops and markets are in plentiful, other areas it can be hard to root out the charming vintage boutiques: plus trawling through rail after rail of velvet can get rather dire after a while. That is why internet sites such as etsy and Gigi Vintage are great if you want to pick up some vintage bargains without leaving your home.

Gigi Vintage offers an array of vintage clothes, accessories and footwear at affordable prices. Mulberry bag for £155 anyone?? Here are my top picks from their current wares to give you an added injection of style to your wardrobe.


From Left-right, top-bottom: Mulberry bag £155, Dior Cream cat eye sunglasses £250, 80s Peplum Blouse £22, Mustard Lace and Pearl Sweater £25, Diamonte Bodycon Dress £45, Sequin Racer Back Dress £35, High waisted Tropical Shorts £8, Floral Prin Playsuit £20

Go to to buy!

1 thought on “Gigi-licious!

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