Bonnie & Clyde

“This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks”

-Clyde Barrow-


In the first of a series of posts on Film & its influence on fashion, we turn to gun-totting Faye Dunaway on Bonnie & Clyde. The “gun moll look” took off after Bonnie & Clyde was released and saw a resurgence of 30s retro chic and making the beret a hot fashion piece one again. Bonnie & Clyde where the two best dressed crooks of all time in this 1967 classic. Faye Dunaway’s stylish 30s caps, printed scarves, pencil skirts, knitted sweaters, bias-cut dresses and infamous blonde bob cut paired well with Warren Beatty’s classic fedora’s and men’s tailored “gangster” look pieces. This is one look which will never go out of style.



-Fedoras and caps

-30s style bias-cut dresses


-Pencil skirts


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