Stylish Jewellery on a Budget

I came across LillyQueen designs when I was searching on etsy for something unique to buy for Joanne’s Xmas prezzie a few years ago. I got her some lovely earrings and I got a swallow and pearl necklace for myself. The best thing about the collection? It doesn’t cost a bomb with prices starting as low as $5. So I decided to include this collection in the blog and find out what inspires the designer behind the collection.

Interview With LillyQueen
AStylishLiving: What made you design jewellery?
LillyQueen: Im not sure what made me start, but I can remember making lots of thread friendship bracelets and seed bead jewellery when I was a kid and selling them to my classmates in school.
AStylishLiving: Have you always been a jewellery lover?
LillyQueen: Of course, who doesn’t love jewellery?
AStylishLiving: Where do you get the inspirations for your designs?
LillyQueen: My inspiration comes mostly from shabby chic designs, vintage pieces, and just my own imagination.
AStylishLiving: How would you describe your own jewellery collection?
LillyQueen: Funny thing is, its small! Im a minimalist I think, I have my diamond studs, my diamond necklace and a few rings and that’s it. I know, shocking!
AStylishLiving: What are your favorite pieces?
LillyQueen: Out of Lilly Queen, the earrings. In my own collections, my rings.

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