LFW REVIEW: Back in Black

REVELATION:REVOLUTION was the theme of the Todd Lynn show which took place in the BFC showspace at Somerset House. With the sheer commercialism & materialism that was surrounding the BFC showspace, inside Todd Lynn’s collection focused on revolt – from the French revolution of the 18th century to disorder in today’s global climate. Periods of enlightenment which lead citizens to take their future in their own hands and create change – aggressively. With this in mind the models took to the catwalk and presented us with a dim view of the future with fur & leather collars which covered the face (a nod to an apocalyptic future and disease ridden land); dark colours invaded the catwalk to a rocking apocalyptic film inspired soundtrack.

Futuristic androgyny was a key trend throughout with masculine shapes & tailoring prevailing consistently in the collection alongside next seasons exaggerated necklines, long coats (with high structured collars), leather jackets up to the neck and back of the head, cowl high necks (another key A/W11 trend), white fur (key trend), draped angles structure, long leather structured gloves (which are on my A/W11 list), Todd Lynn signatures of black leather, neutrals, blood red…all emphasising a dim view of the end of the world. The shoulder detailing is a massive trend this season; at Todd Lynn shoulders were softened with curved construction, or obscured completely with habit-like collars veiling the face.

The stand-out pieces were the long coats with exaggerated neck & side detailing, battered tender skin jackets, the Bonaparte coat in double stretch felt with black leather = a A/W11 must-have, the lead leather & lead wool rib waistcoat & matching trousers (note the mixed materials once again = key trend). I wanted to grab the 4th look of Hochecoat in Ecru double stretch felt for the LFW weather but my inner rock chick was LOVING the leather skinny leggings with black wool polo neck – yes people, beware, the polo-neck is back!

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