LFW REVIEW: And Let the Madness Commence

….that was my thoughts to the opening number: speechless. With catwalks playing it a little bit safe show-wise as well as collection-wise for next season, along comes Ziad Ghanem literally with a bang and two fingers up to every fashion restriction & convention known to man. You could hear the buzz in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout building in anticipation of the show: even Boy George was taking photos of the collection. As opening numbers go, this was the best one this season – something the cheers & gasps from the audience will attest to – as a beautiful but garishly made-up model used burlesque feathers & literally grew taller & taller before shooting down the catwalk. With the terrifying accompanying music, it was rather quite frightening.

The video game ‘Silent Hill’ inspired the many horror themes & characters who took to the catwalk. This was not just about the clothes, it was about the show. The music consisted of a mix of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People”, an orchestrated version of “Personal Jesus” and even The Apprentice show theme tune! Ziad chose a surprising range of models; boys as girls, transgenders, a possessed ballet dancer, & a large lady who unveiled herself before walking (I was surprised her breasts didn’t manage to burst out of the ballgown she was wearing).

You could see just how much thought had went into the collection which consisted of silk chiffon free flowing gowns – displayed beautifully by the ballet dancer on her points spinning down (and back up) the catwalk, sensual silhouettes were in play with ruffled crepe, & delicate brocades which emphasised the female form whilst the black lace, corsetry and embellishment added darkness to the collection. I LOVED the see-through long mermaid tail black embellished dress & the tie-dye blue chiffon crepe maxi but my stand-out image from the show was the corpse-like bride & groom who took to the catwalk showering us all in confetti.

Truly the best way to end my time at LFW: and surely will be thee show that everybody who was lucky to attend will be raving about for some time to come.

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