How to tone up those legs for Summer!

So ladies! Although it doesn’t feel like it up here in Scotland yet, Spring time is nearly here and you know what that means!! Less is more! The Spring/Summer 2011 shows were filled with dresses and skirts with hemlines of all sizes so ladies, hitch those hemlines up and get set to get your pins in shape with guidance from AStylishLiving and Fitness Instructer Karen McGlynn. Come on: who doesn’t want Gwen Paltrow’s legs?
AStylishLiving: So Karen, What types of exercises should our fashionistas use when exercising at home?
Karen: If you don’t go to the gym (where you can use machines just for the legs: leg press. leg curl, hamstring curl) then there is a few that you can do in the house:
Squats – stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, from here sink downwards ( imagine there is a seat behind you), you have to watch that your knees don’t go over your toes though. Pull the abs in (helps support the lower back) and when you’re sinking down you bum should always be higher than your knees.
Lunges – can do these with/without hand weights (or tins of beans!). Stand with feet hip width apart, step forward with one foot, bend both knees so there is a right angle at both knees. The knee nearest the floor should never touch the floor but be about 3 or 4 inches away. Make sure you keep upright. If using weights, just hold at your side. Swap legs each time.

Those are the main two exercise that you can do in the house. The body shape you have doesn’t make a difference in these sort of exercises so should suit everyone.

AStylishLiving: What types of machines should we use at the gym?
Karen: Cardiovascular exercise is also good for the legs. Walking, running, cross trainers, bikes and steppers will all work the legs as well as improve overall fitness and increase weight loss. For all the exercises, for the gym and home, go for 3 or 4 sets of 12. – (3 times per week or every other day)
AStylishLiving: What about our diet? Should we refrain from certain foods?
Karen: Just sort of healthy diet. Avoid processed foods (high salt and sugar contents) and saturated fats. Try and drink plenty of water, most people are dehydrated and don’t realise it. Aim for at least 5 fruit and veg a day. Basically a healthy balanced diet.
So there we have it ladies! Welcome to the land of the free and toned!
Good Luck!

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